The refined and elegant interiors host office spaces with utmost detail to contemporary requirements for a pleasant and comfortable work environment. Each floor is finely tailored to answer various individual needs either furnishing or division of office spaces. The specific attention to detail is embedded in the use of high quality materials, luxurious finishes and modern lines. The welcoming atmosphere is offered by a state of the art lighting system accordingly aligned with the spacious windows and generous flow of natural light. The new building is among the few business ones around to boost an alignment of balconies giving the opportunity to its tenants to enjoy a moment of getting outside and enjoying an unventilated-air.

Vittorio Positano Business Center boosts a VRV system – a 4-pipe multi-split type air conditioning that uses variable refrigerant flow control to provide the ability to maintain individual zone control in each space and floor of the building.


The place offers not only comfort but also the luxury of being part of a community. The in-house amenities and services elevate the business experience to the highest contemporary work space standards.

  • 100% flexibility for division of open space vs. offices
  • Dividable offices
  • Kitchenette within floor
  • 24-hour doorman and security
  • Street view lounge and garden
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Shop
  • Private parking
  • 24/7 Security and video surveillance
  • 24/7 reception desk

Technical Specifications

    • Efficient HVAC and VRV systems
    • Advanced fire precaution system
    • Integrated building management system (BMS)
    • Access control and 24/7 live security and video surveillance
    • Special wooden window panels
    • CCTV in common areas
    • Flexible and functional layout of office space facilitating full freedom of arrangement
    • Two independent electrical sources

Fit out Standard

    • Air conditioning (4 pipe fan coil units)
    • Lighting 500 lux
    • Suspended ceiling
    • Fire protection system
    • Floor Box System
    • Structured Cabling Cat 6
    • Openable windows 2.2 meters
    • Windows blinds
    • Clear office height 2.85m
    • Double floor
    • Water saving units and equipment
    • Energy saving equipment