The Project


Vittorio Positano Business Center is a new A class office building located in the heart of Sofia. The boutique space is characterized by a fine balance between contemporary architecture woven in a richly heritaged structure.
Embedded in the old center of the city, with easy and comfortable access by all transport points, Vittorio Positano is a most fine destination for business. The elegant and distinctive place hosts four floors of flexible and spacious work spaces along with adequately paired amenities on ground floor.
The design concept combines unique architecture with flexible efficient floor plates. The building brings together distinctive modern design and top-quality materials and finishes. Leading technological solutions have been used to ensure the best work environment and provide maximum level of comfort at the workplace.


The newly designed building provides 1483 sq m of modern office space on 5 upper floors including the ground floor of 300 sq m. Additionally there are 18 parking spaces at the two underground levels, a café restaurant with adjoining garden, as well as a shop on the ground floor. Access to the underground parking levels happens directly from the street by a car lift.
Vittorio Positano stands out with its original architecture and modern solutions:

  • Elegant reception lobby with entrance from Positano Str.
  • Clear and simple internal traffic system (2 elevators, 1 staircase).
  • Independent terraces accessible from the central staircase.
  • Efficient HVAC and VRV systems.
  • Advanced fire precaution system
  • Integrated building management system (BMS).
  • Access control and 24/7 live security and video surveillance.
  • Special wooden window panels.
  • CCTV in common areas.
  • Modern sprinkler system.
  • Fiber optics.
  • Two independent electrical sources.


Vittorio Positano business center is a LEED candidate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – the most widely used green building rating system in the world, а globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.


LEED buildings save energy, water, resources, generate less waste and support human health.


LEED buildings cost less to operate and boost employee productivity and retention.


Uses a stronger, performance-based approach to indoor environmental quality for better occupant comfort.

Water efficiency

Provides a clearer picture of water efficiency by evaluating total building water use.


The Vittorio Positano building is the newest, architecturally significant addition to Sofia’s city center urban landscape. Its graceful architectural heritage is stylishly intertwined with its contemporary attractive look to make an outstanding mark in a coveted spot in the capital of Bulgaria.
Vittorio Positano Business Center represents a bold but at the same time respectful to its surroundings and history building implementing technical innovations and artistic achievements both inside and outside. The facade puts a distinct look on the building and elegantly introduces it to its surroundings.
Vittorio Positano is like a handsomely sustained architectural piece of jewellery in the city context of ancient Sofia. Albeit its compact size, the design of the building is highly efficient both in terms of floor space, amenities and energy use, offering an elegant destination.


The rich and curious history of the Vittorio Positano building dates back to 1910 – 1915 when the property was originally built. During Communist times the building was a printing house and in 1977 the beautiful old house was declared an architectural monument by the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage.
After several years of uncertain property, VIP Office Center EOOD becomes the proprietor of the property and from 2015 the company is part of the R&M Management Ltd group portfolio. Two years later the Ministry of Culture grants the permission to turn the house into a prestigious business center. The plan for the construction acknowledges the history of the site by rebuilding the facade of the initial neoclassical architecture. The result is a new state of the art office building in the center of the city with an elegant touch of history.
With respect to Cultural Heritage the most important part was to keep the authentic neoclassical architecture, combined with modern interior design. The investor followed strictly all requirements of the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute for property cultural heritage such as archaeology, architectural planning and façade preservation, etc.


The area, where the property is located, is the territory of the so-called Western necropolis of Serdika. A planned rescue archeological excavation has been realized in two stages in order to observe the under layers of the necropolis dating back to XVIII – XIX century. During the first stage at 1 Pozitano square, the research has reached -1.50 m. below and stopped for a fortification of the property. During the second stage of the excavation, the archaeological team led by Chief Assistant Dr. Mario Ivanov and Anastasiya Cholakova (Archaeologists from the National Archaelogical Institute with museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NAIM-BAN), discovered some structures and layers. According to their specifics, the specialists presume this was part of protecting ditch in front of the Fortress walls of the city, dating back to IV-th beginning of the V-th century.
Vittorio Positano undergoes a full fledged reconstruction on the overall façade and roof layout in order to be entirely rebuilt and thus its legacy preserved in its original identity especially on street view and partially in the yard. The facade of the building is neoclassical with plumbing decorative elements executed in exquisite proportions. The original window and door frames boost rich carpentry profiles with quality execution, and the shop windows bear decorations with wood-carving ornaments. The façade decoration is executed as a plumstone on brickworks.
Vittorio Positano is among the few last examples of Sofia buildings designed in a similar style. It goes back to the years after the Liberation marked by strong Russian influence and gradually displaced by the eclectic baroque-like style of the 1980s. Since 1977 the building is declared as an Architectural Monument by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage.

Archeological Excavations led by Dr. Mario Ivanov (NAIM-BAN)


The category architectural monument and related to that reconstruction of overall facade required different approach – the planning was undertaken by architectural studio PLANNING, where the reconstruction of the facade was consulted by specialist in preservation of architectural monuments – Prof. Dr.Arch.Nikolay Tuleshkov.

PLANNING Architecture Studio is a private architecture practice, established by architect Ilian Iliev in Sofia in 1993 and presently employing 25 architects and designers. The team is among the few ones in Bulgaria specialized in designing public buildings and has set up a name for commercial complexes. PLANNING maintains a reputation for excellent experience and high level technical knowhow. Their work is marked by a precise attention to detail – from the urban scale to the finest material, from the first sketch to the completed building. The studio has received a number of Bulgarian and international awards, among which six from the esteemed national prize “Building of the year".
We take special pride in being consulted by the most renowned advocate in the adequate and correct preservation of architectural heritage in BulgariaProf. Dr. Arch. Nikolay Tuleshkov. With more than 11 years of successful application of his practice to the cause of keeping the roots alive and respected in the form of buildings which look after the past and address the future, he has an immaculate reputation both at home and abroad. Tuleshkov is an avid activist of the preservation of national historical monuments and advocates his views in the publications at the magazine “Monuments.Restauration.Museums".


Vittorio Positano Business center is the newest project managed by R&M Management Ltd. and it continues the tradition of hosting top-tier tenants in A class boutique business buildings. One such is the Platinum Business Center  in the central part of Sofia where four embassies are hosted. The company’s rich experience in real estate is a guarantee for the highest quality of full management cycle. This is a trusted partner with proven image for personal communication with each client and meticulously taking care of tenant’s needs and requests.